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Are Meal Prep Services Healthy? Dispelling the Myths with Fit Food Tasty

With the surge of meal prep services across the UK for people looking for a healthy convenient way for busy individuals to maintain their lifestyle.
But with so much conflicting information out there across the internet and social media are meal prep services actually healthy? Fit Food Tasty is here to set the record straight!

Meal Prep Service Pros


Now, if you’ve ever delved into any diet or lifestyle change you know one of the hardest things can be maintaining consistency.
It’s too easy after a long week to let one of the many elements of food prep slide.
From not going shopping, the effort in prepping or cooking or cleaning. The temptation to jump on your favourite app and get some fast food delivered to you.
Meal Prep Services remove all of that frustration and makes convenience and consistency easy.
With meals delivered weekly to you, you’re always stocked and primed to maintain a busy but healthy lifestyle.

Protein Packed Meals

Protein is far more than just building muscle, We need protein for energy and to help the body grow and repair itself.
It’s recommended that you consume between 1-1.6g of protein per kg of bodyweight (read more here). This means the average male (84kg) should consume between 84-134g of protein per day. However, some studies focused more on overall health, maintaining muscle mass have recommended as high as 1.8-2.7 g/kg. That would be mean the average 84kg male should consume 151-226g of protein per day.

This can be tough for a lot of people, look at the average UK breakfast of cereal or worse, the standard office workers coffee and a croissant to see how far off some people are.

Meal Prep services can massively help plug this whole. Our meals come out to an average of 47g of protein per meal. A huge percentage of the recommended daily amount whatever your target is.

Remember protein is far more than building muscle, it helps with overall health but here is some other reason you should include high protein if you’re dieting:  helps preserve Lean Body Mass when cutting, helps reduce hunger cravings and negative cravings, keeping you fuller for longer.

Food Quality

We know food quality matters. For health and weight management it is more than Calories in, Calories out.
Which is why you need to choose a meal prep service that believes in that ethos.
Which is why, at Fit Food Tasty, We use fresh ingredients, leans cut of meats. This ensures nutrient rich meals that give you great taste and high quality.

Even our processes to blast chill foods post cooking is all done to ensure our meals maintain nutrients during the storing and reheating processes.

A lot of meal prep services follow similar protocols which is amazing, but keep an eye out for low cost frozen services as this tends to mean one of two things.

Either small portions which are going to keep you reaching for the snack cupboard.

Or they use low quality ingredients, from bulk frozen vegetables to poor cuts and sources of meat packed full of preservatives to ensure maximum shelf life.

Always use a meal prep service who care about nutrition.

Meal Delivery Service Cons


Sodium – Should you avoid?


Something spoken a lot about.

Should you avoid it?

Some claim it’s the worst thing in modern diets.

Other health practitioners add it to their morning hydration meal.

As with anything though, we know that too much is bad for you.

Generally you should look to have no more than 6g of salt per day.

But Salt shouldn’t be avoided all together, it contains the most common source of sodium for our bodies which we do need.

Sodium aids in normal body functions from nerve health to muscle function.

High Salt intake can cause adverse health effects so it is worth keeping an eye on but it is advisable to not consume too much.

Salt can be found in some meal prep services in high levels, but all meal prep services will tell you their sodium levels in the nutritional information so it’s very easy to watch what you’re eating.

Processed Foods

Some meal prep services that aim for maximum shelf life can shy away from fresh ingredients.
This paired with poor quality meats can lead to meals that although may look good on paper actually contain ingredients that are lacking in nutritional value.

Luckily not a problem at Fit Food Tasty due to us cooking fresh ingredients, our storage processes and constant sourcing of high quality ingredients.


Health is far reaching. Not just our own health but also the health of the planet.

And some raise the concern that meal prep services are not sustainable due to the extra packaging and delivery.

But that isn’t the case.

In fact a recent study has shown that meal prep services are 33% in greenhouse gas emissions.
This is largely down the reduction of food waste in meal prep services and the streamlined delivery approach compared to the standard grocery run of creating your own meals.

The Verdict

If you are crunched for time, looking to make healthy eating more convenient and enjoyable then meal prep services are a great fit for you. As with anything just ensure you choose a high quality service you can trust.

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