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Need Meal Prep Ideas? Try Our Taster Bundle!

Need Meal Prep Ideas? Try Our Taster Bundle!

Fit Food Tasty portion sizes can be a little too generous for some people. This could be because you’re rather petite and keeping the calories down, or it could just be that you’re looking for meal prep ideas and not entirely sure which of our healthy meal prep recipes you want to go for and would rather have two smaller meals to try.

Introducing our Taster Bundle. Same healthy meal prep. New smaller sizes.

Why Choose Our Taster Bundle

As I said, there are 2 main reasons that people go for the taster meals. 

Firstly, it’s perfect recipe for healthy eating with smaller portions per meal. A lot of ladies like them because they are big enough to constitute a full size meal for them. But it’s not only ladies, men on an aggressive weight loss meal plan can also benefit massively from choosing the taster size meals.

Secondly, if you’ve never tried Fit Food Tasty recipes before, you can select a few small healthy meals so you get a taste of a few different dishes. The most cost effective way to do this at the moment is order a Variety Taster Pack directly from us for £25.00. Alternatively, you can order taster meals for £5.75 per meal on our meal prep ordering site https://fitfoodtasty.co.uk/mealprep .

We also offer Taster Size Weekly meal plans. They work exactly the same as our usual weekly meal plans (covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner) but of course the meal choices are taster size, and the prices are lower. As always, we prefer to split your order of quality meals for the week into 2 parts, to keep them fresh and safe to eat. You can choose collection or delivery twice per week on either Sunday & Wednesday or Monday & Thursday. This way, you never need to keep your meals in the fridge for more than 3-4 days.

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My favourite healthy meal prep recipes

Fit Food Tasty have a huge variety of meal prep ideas on offer. So many in fact it can be hard to know where to start. Start here and up your meal prep game with our favourite meal prep recipes.

1. Crispy Chilli Chicken

For me, this is an every day MUST EAT! I’ll usually eat one an hour or two before my workouts, or straight after finishing the session. It’s a delicious meal that slides down easily and digests pretty quickly. Sometimes I have two of these meals in a day, and I’m not talking taster size.

2. Singapore Noodles

I don’t always eat noodles, but when I do; it’s the Singapore Noodles. It’s got a little bit of a kick, and it leaves you feeling very satisfied. For me personally, I prefer eating this later in the day, or even at night instead of a naughty Chinese dish. Superior flavour, and in terms of nutrition there’s obviously no comparison

3. Chicken Tikka Masala

This one is perfect for people that love curry but don’t want it spicy. You really couldn’t find a curry less spicy than this, but it’s still packed full of flavour! Served with fluffy basmati rice. This is the perfect tasty meal for any time of day. You could even add a side salad for extra greens.

For more meal prep ideas, check out our full menu below...

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