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Fit Food Tasty is making healthy food more convenient and accessible

This time last year, Fit Food Tasty was little more than an idea. It all started with a whiteboard, a marker, and a brainstorm. I wanted to build a business that can not only bring people a truly valuable product/service that I wholeheartedly believe in, but also fits my lifestyle and can benefit me massively too. I am not a salesman, not by a long stretch; but if you give me a product I believe in, now you got yourself a great salesman. I don’t want to use a fancy technique or feel the need to go out of my way to persuade you – I’d rather spend my time focusing on the people that don’t need persuading, because there are plenty of them.

The meal prep industry is reasonably new, but it is absolutely booming. The growth is showing no sign of slowing down, and it’s only going to get easier and more accessible from here on out. In this day and age, people care more about their health and their appearance, and they know how important food is in that equation. Healthy food is now more popular than it has ever been, and people are actively seeking out ways of consuming healthy food in a way that is more enjoyable and convenient for them. They don’t want to spend hours upon hours researching recipes and nutritional information, shopping, cooking, preparing, washing up and all the rest of it. It’s just too time consuming, and you’d rather spend that valuable time on something more fulfilling. At the end of the day Fit Food Tasty doesn’t just sell food, we also sell time.

Besides delicious flavours and great customer service, one thing all people love when it comes to their eating habits is CONVENIENCE. If you can manage to make healthy eating not only enjoyable but also convenient for the consumer, then you might just have a chance at improving their health and lifestyle. A lot of people would actually choose the healthy meal over the fatty processed snacks if they could, but they are often forced to resort to the easier options, such as the cheap corner shop sandwich or the greasy bacon bap. They don’t have access to a kitchen and fresh ingredients, but they need to eat. Unfortunately, the convenience factor wins in the end, and the person continue to consume low quality nutrition that they don’t even enjoy eating, and often feel guilty and lethargic for hours afterwards.

We now live in a time where it is possible to enjoy this level of convenience, in fact an even greater level of convenience, with meal prep companies like Fit Food Tasty. We take care of all the hard work and nutritional knowledge, so all you need to do is provide us with basic requirements and preferences, and whether they are complicated or simple we will work with you to make your diet as optimal as possible for your specific goals and desires. Then all you need is a microwave – unless you like to eat it cold then you don’t even need that! All of our food is properly cooked from fresh, and safe to refrigerate, freeze or eat right away. It’s really not that complicated!

When it comes to getting your hands on Fit Food Tasty meals, you have a few options.

-You can order HOT food via our website www.fitfoodtasty.com , which can be delivered locally or collected at our Bridgwater premises.

-You can order via UberEATS, Deliveroo, or JUST EAT – these third party ordering companies all charge large commission rates so the costs will be much greater.

-You can order MEAL PREP on www.fitfoodtasty.goprep.com , where our full menu complete with all dishes, deals & packages.

-You can order by calling us on 01278 258040.

-You can grab a meal right from the fridge at your favourite local gym.

-You can even order your meal prep packages and weekly meal plans through your gym. You will place an order with and pay your gym, then you will collect or have your food delivered to you by the gym or by us if agreed.

When it comes to the actual food you’ll be eating, now that’s where things get exciting. We use fresh ingredients from local sources, have a fully equipped industrial kitchen, and an extremely talented & passionate team of people to make all of this possible. I always like to remind people that ideas are actually worthless, we have no shortage of great ideas. What REALLY matters, is the execution of the ideas. And in order for the Fit Food Tasty vision to become reality, we need to keep growing, evolving and adapting to whatever life throws at us, because the world is changing so fast, that the only way to have a chance is to be embracing change, not fighting it. We strive to continually improve everything we do, and know that learning is a super important part of the process; especially when you are doing something so new and exciting. We aim to bring out new dishes every week, and although we don’t always manage to do this in those hectic busy periods, we know how important it is to keep things interesting. New recipes and packages are always a hot topic of discussion at Fit Food Tasty!

Out with the old, and in with the new.

Fit Food Tasty is a new-age business, and we are here to stay.

2 thoughts on “Fit Food Tasty is making healthy food more convenient and accessible”

  1. Brilliantly said. Fit food tasty has literally provided me with more time and 1 less thing to think about. Not only do I eat healthier,I have more time to spend with my young daughter and partner aswell! Fit food tasty has changed my family’s life and made sure I can be there to see those little, but meaningful moments that we sometimes miss… (because you were busy making dinner!)

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