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Fit Food Tasty Monthly Update – 14th October 2020

Fit Food Tasty Monthly Update – 14th October 2020

Welcome to the first EVER monthly update for Fit Food Tasty! Let’s begin…

Our three main topics for this post will be:

  • Progress on our brand and website
  • Progress on our premises
  • Fit Food Tasty goals for the rest of 2020

Progress on our brand and website

The website for Fit Food Tasty is now live and capable of taking orders online. You have the option to pay with cash on delivery or pay directly online. You can also choose to use PayPal for additional security and peace of mind. The website also features the following pages:

  • pages dedicated to nutrition profiles for our dishes and ingredients
  • pages explaining what we can do for our customers
  • pages for the meal prep subscriptions and packages we offer. 

The goal is to have a simple and user friendly site for customers to learn more about our business and what we have to offer, along with a super easy and flexible ordering system.

Progress on our premises

We are in the final stages of completing the legal details on our premises. This will be home to our state of the art kitchen ran by talented chefs and the latest technology. We will optimise our premises for delivery, with an emphasis on kitchen efficiency, food quality and delivery timing. We do not need to worry about catering for customers in-house. This really relieves a lot of pressure and allows us to focus solely on providing the best healthy food delivery service in the world. 

Fit Food Tasty goals for the rest of 2020

Our goals for the remainder of 2020 are all based on getting our business up and running, serving customers and collecting feedback with the intent of constantly improving our products and services.

Let’s narrow it down to 3 main objectives for 2020:

  1. Have a fully functioning kitchen with everything we need in working order
  2. Build an online presence with active following and engagement from potential customers
  3. Attempt to acquire feedback from every one of our first 20 customers

Number 3 may be difficult as there is only 2.5 months left of the year and we haven’t begun building our kitchen yet. But we will strive to complete this regardless. And if it isn’t done by the end of 2020, it is of course extremely important that we do collect feedback from not only our first 20 customers, but from as many as we possibly can going forward. 

One of the keys to our business is going to be listening and adapting to our customers’ needs. The most powerful way we can do this is by collecting constructive criticism. Then genuinely trying to correct and improve those things that people complain about. It needs to be an ongoing process. Our menu will be forever evolving with the market.  Just like our business processes will be evolving with the rapid improvement of technology. We want to be future-proof.

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