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Nationwide Delivery | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

From January 2021, when we first opened our doors, until September 2022, we have focused on helping our local customers in Bridgwater and surrounding areas, serving tasty meals, and helping them with their healthy eating habits. We offer local meal prep delivery as well as collection which saves on delivery fees and allows for more flexible pickup times. 

Good news! We are extremely excited to now be able to serve customers healthy and fresh meal prep, delivered nationwide.

We use DPD as our courier, as their specialised service gives you, our customer, flexibility and a great user experience. DPD provide a one-hour time slot on the day of delivery and the option to pick a safe space if you won’t be home. The delivery drivers are aware that the parcel is food and so give it extra special care. 

The quality of meals and quantity of choices you have as a Fit Food Tasty customer remains the same. How the delivery process will work depends on your location. Whether you are within our local delivery network, or need DPD to fulfil your delivery, the quality of our meals remains the same.

Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep Delivered By DPD
Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep


No DPD needed for local customers. We will still be delivering freshly prepared meal prepped meals to you ourselves! And of course collection is still available as usual. The delivery days are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The general estimated delivery time is from 6pm-8.30pm. We can make exceptions but you need to communicate with us to confirm what we can do. 

Collections are generally the same time, but if you miss your pickup time the food will be safe in the fridge for you to collect during our working times.

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Fit Food Tasty delivering your new favourite meal plan
We cook our meals from fresh using healthy, natural ingredients. Once they are cooked, we use a blast chiller to cool them down to the optimal temperature before storing the meals in a fridge.


We can still get your freshly prepared meals delivered to you safe, sound and fresh! We achieve this by using DPD’s delivery services, combined with high quality temperature controlled boxes, complete with ice gel packs to keep your meals at fridge temperature.

The days which we can offer for you to receive your delivery are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will prepare your meals as close to the pickup time as possible. DPD promises to deliver to you within 24 hours of collecting. They will text or email you with a one-hour time slot estimation for delivery. You are also able to use their app or website to choose a safe place for the driver to leave your parcel if you will not be able to receive it. 

For more information, check out our How it Works page. If you have any questions, or need help or advice. you can contact us by email at info@fitfoodtasty.co.uk

Or you can message us on our Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. 

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