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New Dish BONANZA! Our Latest Meal Prep Dishes.

Fit Food Tasty is committed to getting better. Better not only at making healthy eating delicious, but also much more convenient than ever before. An important part of this is offering a wide range of different options. And adapting our meal prep dishes to your requirements and preferences.

To do this, we are always thinking ahead. Working on new meal prep ideas, and trying to improve the dishes we already have. This is no easy task!

Crafting healthy meal prep recipes

We have to find time between all our meal prepping and hot food orders to experiment. Our goal is to develop meal prep recipes that are up to our increasingly high standards. There are many criteria that these dishes need to meet. They need to be nutritious. They need to be delicious. And they need to keep well in the fridge and reheat well in the microwave (or be great eaten cold).

Oftentimes we need to tweak dishes multiple times before they are good enough to be considered for the menu. Then we have to work out the nutrition values and make sure they are suitable, which sometimes means more tweaks may need to be made. Finally, we introduce the new dish to our meal prep menu and wait for people to order it and let us know what they think.

Feedback on any of our food is always highly appreciated as it helps us up our meal prep game.

Healthy meal prep recipes start with quality ingredients
All our meal prep dishes are quality controlled
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Meal Prepping Favourites

Our most successful and popular new dishes recently have been Sticky Chicken Noodles, Crispy Chilli Chicken, and Hunters Chicken with Creamy Mashed Potato.

The Crispy Chilli Chicken recipe is a personal favourite of mine and the whole team at Fit Food Tasty.

When I ask customers to choose their favourite dish, the answer is always Sticky Chicken Noodles or Crispy Chilli Chicken. For this reason, they will probably stay on the menu permanently. We can’t promise this for all dishes, as when we add some fresh new ones naturally we need to remove some of the less popular ones. But some are TOO GOOD to have time off!

This week we are releasing not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new dishes!!!

Moroccan Chicken Couscous Bowl
Chipotle Chicken Tagliatelle
Singapore Chicken Noodles
Chipotle Chicken Breast Wrap

And we are even bringing back one of our old favourite meal prep recipes, so there is actually FIVE additions to the menu on the same day.


We are also introducing a bunch of new options for our taster prep meals, which are smaller portions at a lower price point. They are often popular with the ladies because our regular healthy meals can be a bit too large, but they are also popular with anyone who has a bit of a decreased appetite in this hot weather! So whether you fancy a snack or are looking for quality meals with some variety (if you’re really hungry, why not eat two or three tasters in one sitting?!)

We already have these tasters added to the menu, and more coming very soon!

Interested in eating healthy but need some variety. Check out our tasters.
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