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New Year, New Meal Prep Recipes

The Christmas holidays are over and we are now full swing into the first busy week of New Year!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful well-deserved break and enjoyed the festive period. The chances are, you’ve probably indulged a little bit more than you should have… but that’s okay.

We’re lucky enough to enjoy some amazing things in this country. One of them is delicious food, like our amazing meal prep recipes. We don’t have a starvation problem, we have a resisting temptations problem!

Our quality meals are packed with healthy macro nutrients
Make a change to healthy eating with some of the best meal prep recipes around
Beat busy morning and busy weekends with our meal prep ideas

The most important thing about the Christmas indulgence period is that it doesn’t become a habit.

You need to be able to snap out of that cycle over stuffing yourself with chocolates, avoiding the gym (and the mirror), and watching too much Netflix.

It’s a new year now, and that’s a great time to focus on becoming a better version of yourself. One of the most powerful places to start, is of course, eating the right foods. And avoiding the wrong ones!

With that said, this doesn’t mean you should go at it too hard too fast. This will likely be miserable, not last long as you need it to, and not lead to satisfactory results. You don’t need to jump on the next fad diet. And you don’t need to start eating only meat, or have zero carbs, or become vegan. That doesn’t mean that these diets CAN’T work. But it’s sure as hell a lot harder and less likely to work than making healthier choices, in a sustainable way, for a long period of time.

Meal prepping. The best way to make healthier food choices.

Avoid all refined sugar and processed foods
Prioritise natural, wholesome ingredients such as meat, fruit, vegetables
Stick to a consistent number of meals per day - three or four
If the goal is to burn fat or lose weight, decrease your calories over time
Don't start off on too low calories – this leaves you less room for change and can slow down your metabolism
Drink plenty of water, and avoid sugary and calorific drinks
Prioritise physical exercise, and learn how to maximise your results in the gym or sport of choice!
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While every one of these tips is a great idea, this is only scratching the surface of ways you can make healthier choices without restricting yourself to much.

For most people, the physical exercise is the easier part – it’s the food intake that brings the most challenges. And these days, this isn’t down to food preference. We are seeing a huge shift, and people are now enjoying healthy food more than ever. There are so many ways to make healthy food delicious and enjoyable now. The key ingredient is convenience.

The Wrong Type of Convenience

It’s easier to pop in the shop and buy that “protein bar” that is actually full of junk and protein content that doesn’t actually get processed the same way as the same amount of protein from a juicy steak or chicken breast does. It’s not only about the number of calories or protein, it’s about WHERE you get those calories and protein from. You can get protein from Reese’s peanut butter cups. While it might taste great, do you think it’s going to build muscle tissue as well as a well cooked chicken breast? Of course not. Is 50g of Tangfastics going to give you as good energy and nourishment as 50g of carbs from a few hard boiled eggs and sweet potato? Nope! This is common sense, so next time you hear someone tell you that “all calories are equal”, give them a slap and a bit of friendly educating.

This time of year is when you make new years resolutions, and 90% get broken before long. Some of this is just lack of discipline, but a lot of it is down to making unrealistic goals.

Make the Most of your Budget

If you have a very low budget, then your best bet is to begin preparing your own meals at home. You can buy chicken breasts and beef and different types of fish from your local butcher/fishmonger, online or at the supermarket. Then you need natural wholesome foods such as vegetables and high quality carbs such as rice, sweet potato or new potatoes. You can find interesting recipes online and cook 3-4 days worth of meals at once, and store them in the fridge or even freeze some for a bit longer. Sure, it will take you a lot of time and commitment, and your option will be very limited but the rewards are immense. Nothing is more valuable than good health.

If you have a bit more money and less time to waste, then the obvious option is to get in touch with us at Fit Food Tasty. This way, instead of having to batch cook loads of the same meal, you have a choice of a huge range of different options, which our professional Chefs cook in our well equipped commercial kitchen. Unless you are passionate and experienced in cooking, the chances are your meals cooked from home are going to be a bit bland and boring. If you don’t dedicate a lot of time and effort to learning and finding new recipes, it’s going to become tedious and repetitive.

If you choose to order Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep, it will make your life so much easier, while making eating healthy a pleasure rather than a chore. We update our menu often, and you can always find the current version here…

Freshly Prepared Meal Prep Recipes

We source our meat from local butchers. We aim to keep everything as natural and wholesome as possible, while focusing on making sure the meals are actually flavourful and enjoyable to eat. 2023 is our third year of business, and we have improved to no end – which we will continue to do. Our Chefs are passionate about providing healthy meals in the tastiest form possible, which makes it much easier for you to make those healthier choices. If a Crispy Chilli Chicken tastes far better than the local dodgy Chinese takeaway, then why would you bother with anything else? Especially when the takeaway is actually more expensive!

Exciting Menu of Meal Prep Recipes

The amazing flavours of our food makes it much easier make those healthier choices. We don’t only sell food. We sell time. Where Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep shines is for people with busy lives. People who want to enjoy their food while being healthy and maintaining an athletic body and performance. We make it so convenient that the protein bar or low quality sandwich from the corner shop for lunch is no longer an option.

Meal Prep For Delivery Or Collection

It’s so easy to order. You can either pick up your meals from our premises which is located in Bridgwater and has parking right outside the door; or you can have your meals delivered to your door. We deliver to Taunton on Sunday evenings. And we deliver to Bridgwater and surrounding areas on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Collections are usually done on the evening of the day of cooking, but we can arrange alternative times if required.

Learn more about How it Works here…

All our meal prep recipes are professionally cooked. They are safe to reheat in the oven, a standard microwave, or you can even eat them cold. Some of our meals are very nice eaten cold! Ask us for recommendations. For most people, we cook their meals twice per week, so you always have fresh meals in the fridge. If preferred of course, you can have your meals cooked once per week.

We are always working on new dishes to bring to the table. Check out our newest and best meal prep recipes for meal prep inspiration...

Mexican Chicken Fajita with 4 Mini Tortillas | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

Mexican Chicken Fajita with 4 Mini Tortillas

Mexican Chicken Fajitas | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

Mexican Chicken Fajitas

Chicken Quesadilla & Egg Fried Rice | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

Chicken Quesadilla & Egg Fried Rice

Crusted Pesto Chicken | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

Crusted Pesto Chicken

Smoked Bacon & Chicken Pasta | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

Smoked Bacon & Chicken Pasta

Smoky Breakfast Muffins | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

Smokey Breakfast Muffins

Cheesy Chorizo Omelette | Fit Food Tasty Meal Prep

Cheesey Chorizo Omellette

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